Dr. Joel Kaplan Cylinder 9x2.75" - 2 3/4"

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Dr. Joel Kaplan's Erection Expansion Cylinder is the most effective way to achieve & maintain erection for sex, prevent shrinkage due to age, and increase erection size & quality.

Regular use has been proven to increase natural erection rigidity. Most users report a measurable & visible increase in length and thickness.

To create an erection, connect the cylinder to Dr. Joel Kaplan's manual or electric pump. Place the cylinder over the penis and pump. The gentle vacuum pressure brings blood-flow to the penis, resulting in erection.

All Dr. Joel Kaplan cylinders are compatible with all Dr. Joel Kaplan pumps, ensuring your pump system can grow with your gains.

This Dr. Joel Kaplan Erection Expansion Cylinder is specially-sized to offer restriction-free blood-flow to the penis, maximizing erection expansion.


The cylinder should give you enough room to fully expand your erection, with a little extra room for growth. If you are filling up the cylinder, it is time to order the next size up. The cylinder should not limit the size of your erection.

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